The Magic is in The Mechanism: Open Rehearsal/Performance Lab; photo by Monika Pizzichemi
The Magic is in The Mechanism: Open Rehearsal/Performance Lab; photo by Monika Pizzichemi

INDIEcent Exposure #11 — Creatures of Habitat: The Magic Is in the Mechanism

UPDATE: This performance has been postponed until Sunday, September 27th 6-8 p.m. due to rain!

Creatures of Habitat interact with spaces and objects. It would be even cooler if they could time travel, too…oh, wait, they kind of do that…

Stefanie Weber’s Creatures of Habitat Physical Poetry Public Performance Project will appear Sunday evening 6:30-8:30p September 13th in the Morningside Community School parking lot.

We spoke with Stefanie Lynx Weber about the open rehearsal of this three-part exploration that takes place in Pittsfield. We came away thinking that the audience is at risk of being exposed to perception-expanding sensory input.

We began our conversation talking to Stefanie about her background, and were interested to hear that she has been dancing since she about three years old, spending much the first two decades of her life at the Terpsichore Dance Center in in Pittsfield. A journey to Tennessee helped spark the connection between the environment and performance, which has been a key relationship in her art ever since

“The Magic Is in the Mechanism” is an experiment in public performance art with vehicles, origami, cameras and prom dresses. Come by for a peek or bring a chair or blanket and stay awhile. View the process of the making of unique public performance art. Support the uplift of the Tyler St. neighborhood in Pittsfield

Stefanie Weber and Monika Pizzichemi; photo courtesy Monika Pizzichemi
Stefanie Weber and Monika Pizzichemi; photo courtesy Monika Pizzichemi

The Magic is in the Mechanism (Parts 1, 2 and 3) is an outgrowth of Weber’s AUTO MOBILE BODY WORKS of 2012-2014. In this new work, Weber explores a multitude of visual analogies and physical metaphors in outdoor lots with projection, movement and sculptural regalia for all bodies present. This event is an open rehearsal/performance lab format which includes photography/cameras by Monika Pizzichemi, origami by Alison Reisel and performance by Weber, and Creature veteran Shira Lynn and Creature neophytes Antoinette Simms and Hailey Kirchner.

Included in the work are projection of archival blueprints from the research and development of the visionary “Lightning Laboratory” from the dawn of the reign of General Electric in Pittsfield, MA.

Join the Creatures as they summon the tribal soul of industrial mythology for a parking lot romp of nuclear family portraits in the quixotic dystopia.

Music by Thomas White (UK) arranged by Stefanie Weber.

This evening is supported in part by a grant from the Pittsfield Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Wishbone Zoë—Fossil’s Dream

YES! A new video out for “Mumbo Gumbo”!

In celebration, we’re playing another, deeper cut, Oh,” off Fossil’s Dream, from Wishbone Zoë

"Fossil's Dream," by Wishbone Zoë, 2015, image courtesy Wishbone Zoë. Album available for purchase through Bandcamp!
“Fossil’s Dream,” by Wishbone Zoë, 2015, image courtesy Wishbone Zoë. Album available for purchase through Bandcamp!

Sometimes you just KNOW, listening to someone’s lyrics, that the back-story is even more interesting than the songs. You will NOT be disappointed by Saera’s insights about the music biz, social realities, and the musicality of a cordless drill.

If you feel that maybe you could use a little help interpreting this dream, don’t worry. You’re probably not alone. But you don’t need to plumb the depths of Saera Kochanski’s subconscious to be fully engrossed in the imagery her songs create in this brandy-new album. “Fossil’s Dream” pushes the boundaries out a bit and offers a hint of what she might be seeking in her evolving exploration of sound.

Beyond the brilliance of the lyrics, the voice of Saera Kochanski will impress you with its seemingly bottom stores of power pushed through a small, precision-machined port. Kochanski does not care if her singing about, thus drawing uncomfortable attention to, the “not-so-okay in the world” makes us squirm. Enjoy the brittle feeling your brain gets after immersing yourself in “Fossil’s Dream.” Then slide yourself on over to Bandcamp where you can pick up a copy of her CD or digital download. And WHILE you’re listening to the album, be sure to spend some time taking in Kochanski’s visual art at her other web site, Sunbeams & Turpentine. No reason your eyes should get away clean.

Upcoming Shows:

Sept 17: Amherst, MA @ 93.9 the River Block Party
Sept 20: North Bergen, NJ @ Jimmy D’s w/ the Big Drops, Solid Goold
Sept 26: Easthampton, MA @ 100 Thousand Poets for Change

Oct 17: North Adams, MA @ Wind It Up Film Fest w/ Secret Lover, the Sun Parade, And The Kids, the Seratones

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